Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hope/Sancy/ or the Regent Diamond

"French Crown Jewels including the most precious diamond" from a letter to the Ekats points to all three of these diamonds as the diamonds to look for during the mission. Tomas had the diamond last so Hope is the one to look for. Plus, Hope has its own card and is on the list in the System Manager thing.

Friday, March 27, 2009


The letter the system manger thing gave you through Lilya Chernova for the Ekats, Gordon Klose for the Lucians, George McClain for the Tomas and Lan Nguyen for the Janus can be translated from "Dpnqmfufmz dmfbs, uif gmpsfoujof epft opu dpoubjo bozuijoh." to "Completely clear, the Florentine does not contain anything." (A-Z) Also the mission clue is inside the Hope Diamond.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Warning: Spoiler (Answers to Card Puzzles)

Card #: Answer
1: Tag
4: Nella Chain
11: Dead Aged Face
15: Let them think you drowned
16: Spencer
17: Kabras busy in europe go monitor janus in inda
28: Dragon
29: Ekats got us
32: toilet
33: Bald Rat
41: James Cahill is not a lucian
50: Kabras Branch Leaders
62: Ekaterina

(I do not have all the cards, so please comment the number for the card and the answers for the ones I do not have posted and I shall add them to the list.)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Los Angeles

"Ivan Kulik, Chicago" is the answer and looks like the name Ivan Kleister who is a Tomas leader.


The Hope Diamond, the Dresden Green and the top of a Sekat profile have the next three clues. Hope has the mission's, The Dresden has Peter's, and the top of the profile has the next book's clue. The Dresden's clue might be clorine gas which might give it it's green color.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Double Dealing Tour

Added to the website on March 3rd is a series of 5 videos made by Peter Lerangis on his book tour. Attached to each video is a puzzle or the possibility to unlock a new clue:

New York City: If you own card 67 (NY Subway), add it to your gallery, unless you've already done that, then click on it to reveal a clue.

San Francisco: Peter finds a code about the Dresden Green Diamond. (A-B coded)

Los Angeles: Peter comfirms the previous message and receives a coded message from Janus HQ. About?

Chicago: Coming Soon (about trying to find the Dresden Green that was stolen during WWII.)

Philadelphia: Coming Soon

(Some of you have seen this on Wikipiedia under the 39 clues, but they keep taking it down and the changes are mine so I am posting it here.)